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Flash drives are an amazing tool that lets you store all of your pictures . music . videos . and documents into a small device you can take anywhere. The problem is what do you do with all the content you have on your mobile device? Right now most people either email themselves their content or keep in on some sort of cloud. But this can be really annoying and complicated to transfer all of your pictures from one mobile device to another.

Well . we have the solution! Now introducing the Mobile USB flash drive for Android and iOS devices! This flash drive can be used to copy all of your pictures . music . videos . and documents from your mobile device.

It works just like a normal flash drive for your computer except can be plugged into any Android and iOS mobile device. (You can even use this on your PC/Mac as well)

So if you’re looking for a way to increase your memory for your mobile device . this USB flash drivehas you covered!This is a perfect gift for friends and loved ones and45% OFF!


  1. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY– You can use this Mobile Flash Drive on any Android/iOS device . and any desktop computer . making it the only 3 in 1 flash drive for all your devices.
  2. INCREASED MEMORY– With this flash drive you can substantially increase your mobile device’s memory storage. You can choose between 8gb . 16gb . 32gb . and 64gb.
  3. UNIVERSAL CONTENT-This flash drive allows you to store a multitudeof text . music . photo and video files.
  4. FOUR DIFFERENT COLORS– You can choose between 4 different colors including gold . silver . black . and rose gold.
  5. SECURITY ENCRYPTION:This device allows you to add extra securityencryption to make sure your data is protected and safe.
  6. EASE OFMIND– Backup all of your pictures . videos . music . and text files so you never have to worry about something happening to your mobile device. This will save you a lot of frustrations.
  7. A PERFECT GIFT– This makes for a perfect gift who have a lot of files on their mobile device and is looking for a way to either addadditionalmemory or store stuff to keep safe.


    • 1x Mobile USB Flash Drive
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