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Removes mold stain & bacteria instantly without scrubbing!!!

Our Mold Remover Gel kills all types of mold & mildew instantly!Its extra fast acting & powerful concentrated gel formula can accurately target mold . mildew build-up . & removes them.It also Builds up a protective coating on the applied area to inhibit mold formation

It can apply on anysurface . such askitchen sink . bathroom sink . bathtub . veranda . window frame & more.


  • Accurately targets mold & mildew build-up
  • For all mold-related stain – Tiles . Grout . Sealant . Bath . Sinks . Showers
  • No more scrubbing
  • Non-toxic & Odor-free
  • Prevents Further Mold Formation
  • Extrafast acting & powerful concentrated gel formulacan help to remove mold & mildew & prevent them re-growth
  • Easy to use – Witha squeezable flip top bottle

How To Use?

  1. Dry the mold place
  2. Completely cover at least 3mm moldy surface like a toothpaste
  3. Wait for4 hours for the result
  4. Clean the gel away with water
  5. For those stubborn mold/ mildew . please repeat step 1-4 until complete removal of mold


  • Size : 120g
  • Shelf life : 3 years

Package Details

  • 1pc -Kitchen and Bathroom Mold Remover Gel


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