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Nano Liquid Phone Screen Protector Setis madeofmilitarynanoliquidwhichcreates an ultrathin protective coating onyourgadgets’screen invisibly.
Easy for everyone to apply! Simpledrop and dryto form a transparent nanolayer film.It can adhere to surfaces of glass . plastic and metal oxide well.
Itworks in liquid formto ensure giving youfull protective coverageto your gadgets withEXTREMEhardness . water-resistance . scratch-resistance . andhigh-definition clarity.Nomore air bubbleswhen sticking coating film!
Get your perfect chance to replace your outdatedtraditionalglass protectors now!


  • Water . oil . dirtanddust repellent
  • Anti-microbialandanti-corrosion
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Liquid form is applicable toall kinds of screensincluding smartphones . tablets . smartwatches . laptops . camera lens and even glasses withedge-to-edge full coverage
  • User-friendly: Nano liquid ensures there isnobubble . wrong positioning and glue stains
  • Stickiness-free withlow coefficient of friction: Noharmtoscreen . noimpacton3Dtouching andfingerprint/facerecognition
  • Reducesfinger marksandmakes screen surface smoother
  • Invisible-like coatingmaintains the appearance of phone base materials
  • Increasestouch screen sensitivity

  1. Use a wet cloth to clean the whole front screen
  2. Drop nano liquid on the screen and use a dry cloth to spread it evenly
  3. Wait for10 minutes until nano liquid dry completely (DO NOT drop any water or make a fingerprint on it in the drying process)
  4. Use a wiping cloth toclean and polish the screen surface. Avoid dropping water on the screen within 24 hours

Package Included

1XNano Liquid Screen Protector


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