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Domom Picture Hanging Tool helps you hang decor items quickly and easily . every time.
  • Use the to hang pictures . mirrors . and clocks quickly and accurately.
  • Works with all types of hanging hardware including wire . frame hooks . d-rings and keyholes.
  • The exact nail position and includes built in vertical and horizontal levels.
  • The products are used in a convenient way to watch and use.
  • Simple and practical it will be your family’s little helper.

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    1. Visually hang your art where you want every time . with no measuring needed.

    2. Metal pins mark exactly where the nail goes eliminating ‘oops’ holes.

    3. DomomPicture Hanging Toolmarks exactly where the nail goes making hanging groupings and galleries a breeze.

    4.This tool has it all. A single hook to hold up to 10 lbs and a double hook for larger items up to 20 lbs. There’s even a built-in level.

    5.Simply place your picture frame or other item on the hook . find the right spot on the wall . press the button to mark where the nail goes . hammer the nail in . then hang and level it. You’re done.

    Product Type: Picture Hanger
    Hook Type: Hang and level
    Color: Yellow
    Supplies: Woodworking
    Size:13.9inch length*3.6inch wide
    Number of Pieces:1


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