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If you are looking for a one-stop solution to charge multiple devices simultaneously . the wait is over now. Introducing Voltros Lite . a 3-in-1 Multipurpose Power Bank that will keep your smartphone and gadgets charged up most conveniently and innovatively ever.

Voltros Lite takes only 2.5 hours to charge fully and after that . it can charge all your devices blazingly fast. The USB cable is used to charge your smartphone only. To charge the AirPods and Apple Watch . no cable is required.

Theupper part is equipped with an AirPods Case to charge your AirPods and the lower section has a built-in wireless charger to charge your Apple Watch. All the dimensions are made per original Apple accessories and fit perfectly.

So . don’t be confused about what device to charge first . charge them all simultaneously with Voltros Lite.


  • Quick Charging:Equipped with a 5200 mAh battery . this portable power bankcan charge your smartphone and gadgets blazingly fast. It can also charge your AirPods 50+ and Apple Watch 10+ times . that too wirelessly.
  • Wide Compatibility:Compatible with AirPods 1 . AirPods 2 . Apple Watch 1 . Apple Watch 2 . Apple Watch 3 and AppleWatch 4 . you can also use different USB cables withthis Airpod charger like Type-A . Type-B Mini . Type-B Micro . Type-C and Lightning to charge different devices.
  • Safe and Sound:Supports advanced temperature control and takes care of over-charging . over-voltage . over-power and short-circuit situations. VoltrosLite provides a stable continuous current and ensures the safety of your gadgets.
  • Light and Pocket-Sized:VoltrosLite has a minimalist style design combined with a smooth and textured surface. It is also very handy and compact . can easily fit your pocket which makes it ideal for traveling or any activity needed.
  • Exquisite Quality:Made with high-grade Aluminum and ABS . VoltrosLite is very durable . sturdy and environment-friendly. Its outer surface can withstand very high temperatures . making it prone to any overheating.


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