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Now measure your blood oxygen level and pulse rate at the comfort of your home. Introducing Vitalixo . a portable . painless and accurate device to check oxygen saturation without any cord or monitor.

With a clip-like design and an in-built OLED screen . Vitalixo makes it very easy to check your pulse and SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation). Insufficient oxygen can cause a range of adverse health conditions including chest pain . shortness of breath and increased heart rate.

Ideal for both adults and elderly people dealing with cardiac and pulmonary problems . Vitalixo provides a convenient measurement and display of your health vitals on its screen. So . you can keep a check on your health any time and anywhere!


  • Precise and Consistent: Vitalixo emits small light beams that go through fingertips and records the oxygen saturation and heart rate accurately . without using any professional and expensive equipment.
  • Compatible and Quick: Vitalixo fits all fingers . be it kids . adults or elderly. As soon as you clip your finger inside . it starts working and displays the data inless than ten seconds. Always keep your finger in a stationary position while using it for quick and accurate readings.
  • Rotatable Bright Display: This digital fingertip pulse oximeter features a rotatable . 4-directional display . allowing you to view your results in any direction. The OLED screen is bright enough to show the readings in even bright daylight.
  • Smart Power Consumption: Vitalixo automatically shuts off after 8 seconds of inactivity. Powered with 2 AAA batteries . it requires no messy charging cables . just two batteries will do.
  • Portable Device with Alarm Function: Vitalixo comes in a small travel pouch that protects it from scratches and accidental drops. It features an alarm to warn you when your vitals are beyond set limits and notifies you.
  • Designed for Home Use . Exercise or Travel: Vitalixo is handy for detecting vital signs. You can use it at home or while traveling to control your oxygen level. You can also use it before or after a workout . running . hiking . cycling . etc.


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