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Are you tired of wasting hours on cleaning and mopping your home?

Now . it’s time to relax and let Intelli – Kleen Pro do it for you.

This is a robot vacuum cleaner that efficiently cleans and mops floors . under the furniture and hard to clean corners . putting an end to your back pains.

This robot sweeper with two-in-one mopping and drying stages is thenew way to quickly and effortlessly clean your home. Itreaches the most difficult corners and works great on all types of floor including wooden . carpet . marble . ceramic . etc.

Intelli – Kleen Pro eliminates all the dirt . hair . dander . dust and more from your home. Equipped with a smart system that detects obstacles like chairs . walls . corners . etc .this robot floor cleaner changes the directions automatically . providing you clean home every day.


  • Ultra-Powerful Suction for Efficient Cleaning:Clean your home with a click of a button.This smart vacuum cleanerhas 18cm microfiber fabric which is suitable for both dry and damp mopping. It cleans effectively with high suction . low noise experience . and comprehensive cleaning effects. This robot mop picksdust . debris and anything on the floor. The suction is also powerful enough to clean pet hair from the floor which is usually a pain to remove!
  • Compact and Sleek Design: Its low-profile design effectively cleans under the furniture and hard to reach corners of your home.
  • 3 Cleaning Modes:You can choose from 3 different modes of cleaning movements depending upon your needs. From your living room and bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom .this robot mopcan mop and sweep every corner in minutes.
  • Smart Motion Navigation:This robot mop is equipped with Fall prevention & anti-collision sensors with climbing and virtual protection band to help detect and avoid obstacles and falls. It will accurately detect the dirty areas and clean without missing a single spot.
  • Multi-Layer Filter: Intelli – Kleen Profeatures a durable filter that collects debris and other trash while the HEPA filter collects fine particles like pet hair . providing a clean floor for you and your kids to play safely. With the large dusk tank . you don’t need to empty it often.
  • Versatile Robotic Precision and Long Hours of Cleaning:This robot sweeper can work on various floor types such as undercoat carpets . ceramic tiles . wooden floors . etc. and will run around the house for good90-120 minutes lifting all the falls to the floor. You can now enjoy a continuous powerful suction and cleaning in a single charge.
  • Change the Way You Clean: You will no longer have to break a back by buffing the floor each time something spills on it.Simply charge Intelli – Kleen Pro .select the desired mode . press the start button and sit back and relax.


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