Swivel Seat Cushion – hakayi

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Swivel Seat Cushion can reduce the strain and stress on your backwhich also suitable for people whohave leg difficulties to get in and out of thecar or seat.

It is constructed with a resilient . contoured foam which can help people who with back pain problem move easily.

Cushionsprovides pressure relief for back and hips while seated.

Backed with a textured . non-slip material . it stays securely in place while the cushion freely rotates with your body.


  • 360-degree rotation . Anti-slip base
  • Helps people who have back pain problems . leg difficulties to get in and out of the car easily.

  • Widely use – at home or office . for the elderly . child or pregnant

  • Makes transitioning from seats easy and pain-free!

  • Size:
  • 1 xSwivel Seat Cushion


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