Silent TPR Abdominal Wheel Roller Trainer – Fine and Wellness


  • Strengthen and condition the upper abs . shoulders and the entire core. Burns the body’s calories . makes the body healthier . and reduces fat more easily.
  • Power assist spring: There is a metal tube in the middle of the traditional abdominal wheel . which will not increase resistance or help rebound movement. The abdominal wheel has a power spring! This feature helps increase rollout resistance and helps the wheel roll back. Your exercise will be more effective.
  • Ergonomic handle design: Our ergonomic handle design not only makes it easier and more comfortable to hold . but also helps reduce pressure on the wrists . arms and shoulders. The handle is detachable and easy to assemble . which makes exercising on the road easy. We designed these handles to provide ultimate comfort.
  • Steady wheels: The thinner the wheels . the harder it is to control the movement. Our scroll wheels are wide . perfect for beginners and advanced users. High-quality . pure raw materials ensure long product life.


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