Silicone Caulking Finisher : lolovee – Lazy Kick

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Do your own home repair – Keep your caulking experience flawless and easy!

Start sealing and caulking tasks with Silicone Caulking Finisher. The nozzles are in different radius to meet your sealing needs.
The caulking toolset is easy to clean and reusable. When it comes to caulking job these tools are great to finish the job!

Easy To Use:

  • There is a caulking finisher on the caulk nozzle. so you can save a lot of time through smooth the sealant while the sealant coming out. Besides. it can be used alone as a trowel.

Different Radius:

  • 6.5R. 10R. 13R three different radii Nozzle Plus fulfill your needs. They can meet your needs in sealing work when you seal the different places and angles.

Special Material:

  • This caulk nozzle is made of none sticky special material. It means that it’s easy to clean and reusable with a long lifetime.

Wide Application:

  • The caulk toolset can be widely applied for the kitchen . bathroom. tank. door. window. kitchen. bathroom. tank. sink joint filling finishing.

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1 x Silicone Caulking Finisher ( 3 in 1 )


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