Slimming Vest Invisible Tummy Shaper for Men – Bling Pick


There are occasions when we need an easy fix.

Instantly look 20lbs lighter with our compression slimming shirt. Made of extremely breathable and comfortable silk like fabric that transforms your body in the quickest and easiest manner.

Our body shaper is virtually invisible under shirts . so no one knows you’re wearing it.Sneak it in under your daily wears before you go to work . attend important meeting . or go on a date.

You’ll lookin shape.You’ll be more confident.

  • Look 20 lbs lighter. The change is instantaneous.
  • For people who want to hide their Love Handles or Gynecomastia . this takes care of your concerns.
  • It’s a comfy daily wear!The body shaperis designed with breathable and comfortable fabric.
  • It can’t be seen under clothes . so no one knows you’re wearing it.
  • Great alternative as sports tank. Better yet . you’ll look even better in it because it hides unnecessary flab around your waist and chest.
  • While reducing uneven bulging here and there .our body shaper enables you to easily tuck your shirt much better inside your pants.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.Put it on and look yourself in the mirror. If you are not happy in any way . you can always return. No question asked.


Type: Slimming body vest
Material: Nylon . Spandex
Color: Black / White

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Slimming Vest Invisible Tummy Shaper


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