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Solar Fountain Pumpfloats on the water and has no electric outlet or external battery. This product is suitable for bird bath . fish tank . small pond . garden decoration . water circulation for oxygen . etc.


  1. Remove the film which covers the solar panel before using;
  2. Please install the tubes and nozzles after you press the pump into water and let it sprays water for 3 seconds and the nozzle should be above the water.
  3. Water should at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) deep and clean. If water is not deep enough . the pump is not able to pump in and spray out water.
  4. If your fountain stops working . you can move it to a shaded area to cool down. Then you have 2 ways to reset it. You can charge it under the sun outside of water for 2 hours. Alternatively . you can tap the center of the solar panel or gently knock it to reset it.
  5. Built-in battery makes it work continually in sunny day and still work about 1 hour when there is no sunlight.


  • If you don’t want it to float . you can fix it with the sucker in the bottom or use an extra fish line.
  • Please clean the pump regularly to ensure the fountain works properly.
  • Don’t make the pump works without water for a long time . or its lifespan will be shortened.


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