Solar Garden Path Lights – pentacute

$59.99 $25.97

Fill your yard with stylish Solar Garden Path Lights! They will transform your homes without any complicated wiring or professional installation.
Light up anywhere in your yard:
Our path lights are fully solar powered and after a full day of sunshine . they will automatically turns on for 10-12 hours as evening draws in.
They are engineered to withstandweather including rain and hail!

  • Create safe pathways
  • Wide application
  • Solar powered andautomatically light upfor10-12 hours every evening
  • Weatherproof under rain and hail
  • Easy Installation without wiring or batteries
  • Affordable to make your home look stylish and inviting for guests
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • LED: 8PCS LEDs
  • Charging Time: 6-8 hours
  • Working Time: 10-12 hours
  • Waterproof Level: IP65
  • 4 PCS xSolar Garden Path Lights


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