Space-Saving Table Tennis Trainer – pentacute

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No more Addiction to phone !!! Table tennis trainer is an alternative choice to bounce away boredom!!! Train up your attention & eyes- hands coordination!!! Relieve’s eyeball’s tension!!

Best solo & dual game ever!!! Save your space !! Play everywhere!! Best entertainment for family !!!

Save your space!!! Height adjustable !!! Suits for all ages !!!


{Physical training}

Train up your eyes-hands coordination & reaction speed. No more sedentary pain!! Improve your reflex and muscular movement !!! Relieve eyeball’s tension too!!


No need a tennis table to play table tennis !!! 10 cm width table tennis trainer saves your space !! Place everywhere!! Play indoor or outdoor !!

{Solo or dual play}

Self-play table tennis? No problem!!! Dual play? No problem too!! No more boredom anymore!!

{Height adjustment}

Adjustable &Elasticfibre wire is used !! you can adjust the height of ball as you like !! Suitable for all ages !!!

{Increase family harmony}

Best amusing & funny family game ever!! Increase entertainment & amusement of family!! Boost family relationship!!

Product Specification

  • Colour: Blue & Orange
  • Material: ABS plastic . Fibre wire
  • Size: 100cm x 8.5cm (base) 14cm x 24cm (rackets)
    Package Included
    • 1 * table tennis trainer base + 2 * table tennis rackets + 2 * table tennis ABS ball


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