Spill-Proof Nail Sticker (2Packs) – lightmaroon

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Protectthenails edge during manicure.

Edge overflow is the last thing you want when painting your nails. It always take a lot of effort to clean up. Now you can peel of any overflow by using Spill-Proof Nail Sticker. Its u-shape design can effectively isolate the nail polish and your skin.

Spill-Proof Nail Sticker is elastic that you can easily control and fit various nails size. Just wrapthefinger with the sticker before painting the nails . then peel off the sticker when you finish. Since it is made of high density plastic . nail polish will not be absorbed. You can reuse the stickers until it doesn’t stick on your fingers anymore.


  • Peel Off To Clean:
    All the edge overflow can be peeled off.
  • U-shape Design:
    Wrap around the fingers nails or toes nails . it will protect your skin from nail polish overflow. No more stain after math.
  • Absorption-proof:
    It’s made of high density plastic which nail polish is isolated from your skin.
  • Soft & Elastic:
    It’s easy to control and will not hurt your fingers.
  • Suitable for All Nails:
    Fit both big and small nails.


  1. Stick the nail protector around your finger.
  2. Paint the nails as you want
  3. Peel off the protector when finish.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color:Pink .Blue.Purple .Black & Green
  • Size: As shown below


2Packs xSpill-Proof Nail Sticker(10PCs each)
(Random Color)


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