Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Paste – lightmaroon

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Polish your metals with a wipe.

Rusty metals is no longer a problem. Use Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Paste to restore the shine of your metal surfaces.

You can effectively clean the metal surfaces with Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Paste. This paste can brighten the metal immediately. It gives the shine to the metal surfaces by wiping only. The ingredients are non-toxic so you can even use it to clean your metal cookery and tableware. Just rinse them thoroughly before serving food.


  • Clean:
    Remove rusts . stains and grease from metal surfaces effectively.
  • Brighten:
    Smears and smudges disappeared immediately.
  • Shine:
    Polish the metal surface without creating any streaks.
  • Wide Range of Use:
    Can be used for kitchenware . car care . bathroom . industrial equipment . and more.
  • Non-toxic:
    Low volatility . no pungent smell. It can be used for tableware and food utensils surface. Rinse thoroughly before handling food.


  • Material: Surfactant
  • Content: 50g


  • 1 x Stainless Steel Metal Polishing Paste


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