Package Included:
1 x 65CM/85CM
1 x Bowl Rack
1 x Dish Rack
1 x Square Basket
1 x Knife Holder
1 x Chopsticks Cage
1 x Chopping Board Rack
1 x Fruit & Vegetable Basket
5 x Hooks(Gift)

* Large Capacity: Compact 2-layer design . it has a lot of space for fixing plates . bowls . etc. Side frames for storing spoons . chopsticks . kitchen knives . chopping boards . and other items.
* Space Saving: Save tons of space and time by easier storage of your utensils and dishes. Payback a clean and tidy kitchen for you.
* Material: 304 Stainless steel. Dual protection ensures no rusting . long-lasting durability and easy clean.
* Bottom Anti-slip Suction Cup: Suck the tabletop . protect your sink and counter from scratches . and fix the shelf without moving.
* Easy To Clean: Easy to assemble and clean . keep the inside dry . detachable.

Color: Silver . Black
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Length: 65CM .85CM
The Height of the Faucet: ?? 43cm/16.9inch
The Length of the Sink
(65CM): Should Be ?? 24.8 inch
(85CM): Should Be ?? 32.6 inch


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