Starry Sky Nightlight Projector – pentacute

$33.99 $14.97

Transform your home . bedroom or office with the press of a button

Look up the galaxy ceiling to enjoy the moment of silence.

Sleep underthe galaxywill be the most relaxing moment after hustle work.Now you have your ownuniversescreened by this miracle nightlight projector.


  • Relaxer:It mesmerizes you . makes you feel relaxed after a tiring day at work without needing to go out.

    • Wide Range:It emits light on more than 180?? angle . covering your ceiling and walls.

    • Rotating basewith compass-point alignments . it’s possible to set up your Starry Sky Nightlightby aligning it according to your location for the clear night’s sky all around you

    • Fully adjustableso that you can change it to accurately track the movement of the heavens as the year progresses

      • Battery-Operated:It uses batteries making it portable . you can use it anywhere.
      • Widely applicable:Decorate your bedroom . office . home . bar . indoor camping . etc.

      • Surprise your beloved ones: everyone loves galaxy. It is perfect to use if you need to create a memorable and unforgettable experience!

        Warm Tips:
        Make sure all room lights are off . and casting images located in WHITE walls or cellings for best results. The closer . the clearer.


        • Material: PET . ABS . LED Bulb
        • Light Bulb Color: Yellow
        • Powered by: 2x AA Battery (Not included)
        • Size: 20cm X 28cm


          • Starry Sky Nightlight Projector x 1


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