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Strapless Push-up Bra

Tired of adjusting the straps or feeling uncomfortable at shoulder area?
This amazing strapless push-up bra is an innovative solution for all ladies who dare to try a new way of wearing your bra that holds by itself!
Designed with soft . comfortable fabric . this bra is suitable for all skin types and prevents skin allergies.
Its inner adhesives are designed to remain adhering to your breasts durably to ensure no-slip accident.
Meanwhile . its push-up half-cup shaped design & center straps helps maintain good deep-V sexy shape of your breasts!

Product Details:

01 strapless push-up bra of multiple design/color/size of your choice.
Color: Black / Khaki
Size: Cup Size A to G
Weight: 45g

Free shipping to USA customers . we can deliver in9-18days from our USA warehouse directly.

Product Demonstration:

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