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Do you have that kind of dog that you just can’t stop from either ripping your couch apart or taking a nice big chunk out of your newest shoes?
Yea so did we..
We knew there had to be a solution to this and we have tried every flippin’ rope toy ball throwing gizmo out there . but it didn’t solve the problem.
The fur baby (more of a monster really)just got bored and moved straight back to ripping our pillows a new one.
So we got thinking .
what do dogs love?
They love treats.
What else do they love?
They love chewing things.
Toothy is exactly that . it’s the combination of their two favourite things in the world (apart from you obviously).
It keeps them busy for hours! The way the teeth hold their little treats makes sure they can’t get them out to easy . but with enough effort . they will get their reward!

Keeping your little friend entertained and healthy!


Toothy is made from extra-tough rubber. It has strong elasticity . bite resistant and made from natural rubber. Toothy is non-abrasive and 100% safe for your fur baby to grind . chew and clean their teeth.


Perfect for fetch . snacks . and treats. The design and the way Toothy holds the food will keep your little pup busy for hours on end!


Toothy’s soft and elastic design helps clean yourdog’s teeth and keep their gums healthy. Soft enough to not hurt your pup . but strong enough to not be ripped to shreds!


Toothy will keep yourpupperengaged and even helps improve their IQ as they try to maneuver their delicious treats out.


The little teeth on Toothy have been designed in a way to get in all the hard places of your dog’s mouth. Making sure to remove all plaque and leftover food!

Which Size Do I Get?


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