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Do you want to dye your hair at where you want?

The Temporary Hair Dye Comb can work well on most natural hair colors . and it will make you more attractive and stylish.

The Temporary Hair Dye Comb can help you to a new look. It allows you to brush on the color where you want it to appear. It is more convenient and comfortable to use for you to enjoy the beauty and happiness anywhere easily.

Safe & Non-toxic: It made from FDA-approved . non-allergenic . and water-soluble ingredients. It is non-irritating to the skin or eyes.

Portable: Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry anywhere.

Unique: The temporary hair dye comb makes it quick and easy to put dazzling colors into your hair. It is an excellent tool for creating a beautiful and unique look for yourself.

Money-Saving: It is excellent for anyone who loves showing off their individuality without the cost of expensive salons or parlors.

Multiple Purpose: It is suitable for parties . clubbing . festivals . and let you stand out in the crowd. It makes your hair as vibrant as you are.


  • Net Weight: 15 g
  • Comb Size: 10*2*2.5 cm

Package Includes:
– 1* Temporary Hair Dye Comb


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