The Cozy Banana – Hauzstyle


The Cozy Banana – Dog and Cat Pet Bed

Everypetlooks for a unique cozyspot to sleep in. Sometimes . even ones thatare not actually designated be their beds . such as a shoe box . under a bed . or your sweater.Perhaps . if you buy yourpet a bed that’s weird enough . they might actually sleep in it! Which is hopefully what this irresistible Banana Pet bed will achieve!

The Cozy Banana Features:

Peel-able banana peel that allows your cat to sneak in and out while still having the privacy they require. Easy velcro catch system.

Sneak a peek at yourPrecioussnoozing inside.

Available in 3 diffrent sizes and5 colors to satisfy most pets

Color: Yellow | Cream | Pink | Brown | Green

Size: LxWxH

Small: (3 – 5.5 lbs)55x 20x 15 cm / 21.5x 7.9x 6 in

Medium: (5.5 -11 lbs)65x 25x 18 cm / 25.5x 9.8x 7 in

Large: (11 – 44 lbs)90x 30x 20 cm / 35.5x 11.8x 7.9 in

Soft cozy fabric that your cuties will not resist!

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