The Ponytail Beanie – pentacute

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Perfect hat for lazy ladies! For those who want to have more sleeping time . You can wear this ponytail beanie to cover your messy hair and finish your on-to-go outfit in 3 seconds!

It isthick and at the same time softthat cover the ears during the brutal cold. Perfect for pulling your messy bun or high ponytail through on chilly days.

The PonytailBeanieallows you totie your hair on a cold daywhile wearing your favorite headgear. It features an elastic opening in the middleto keep the beanie in place without slipping while looking stylish.


  • Unique Bun Hole: You canwear a hat and have an up-do at the same time because these hats are created with a hole built right into the crown.

  • Fit for any hairstyle: No matter if your hair is thick . thin . curly . wavy . straight . coarse or fine.
  • Cozy and cute: Keep your head and ears warm.

  • Fit for any size of the skull: Its stretchy elastic band can be adjusted to any size.

  • For Lazy ladies: Sometimes you are in a hurry and have no time to style your hair . but you still want to be stylish and tidy. This beanie is perfect to help!


  • Size: The solid ribbed knit soft stretch beanies (8?? long by 9?? wide lying flat) . but with the option of putting your hair up . this beanie adds even more comfort!

  • Material:100% Soft and Acrylic Cable Knit. Machine wash on a cold . delicate cycle and hang to dry
  • Colors: Pink . blue . Gray . Black . White . Khaki . Red


  • The Ponytail Beanie x 1


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