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The Rolling Knife

A knife that rolls easily through your food . giving you precision cutting and incredible power . all in one motion. Perfect dicing . slicing . chopping and mincing each and every time! From cutting carrots ?C to slicing herbs ?C to mincing garlic . bolo will quickly become your new favorite companion in the kitchen!

Product Demo:

Rolling-Knife-Circular-Kitchen-Cutter-Pizza-Wheel-Knife-Pastry-Cutter-Vegetable-Chopper.jpg_640x640Rolling-Knife-Circular-Kitchen-Cutter-Pizza-Wheel-Knife-Pastry-Cutter-Vegetable-ChopperRolling-Knife-Circular-Kitchen-Cutter-Pizza-Wheel-Knife-Pastry-Cutter-Vegetable-Chopper (1)Rolling-Knife-Circular-Kitchen-Cutter-Pizza-Wheel-Knife-Pastry-Cutter-Vegetable-Chopper (2)Rolling-Knife-Circular-Kitchen-Cutter-Pizza-Wheel-Knife-Pastry-Cutter-Vegetable-Chopper (3)


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