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The Walking Musical Unicorn

All kids love toys and unicorns are especially unique to most of them! This adorable hardworking doll can move quickly . shake its butt and sing a nice song along the way . likely to amuse your kids . family and probably even your pets too! Designed soft to touch with colorful mane and tail . it’s appearance is nothing short of gorgeous!

Be it for your kids or as gift in parties/birthday/Christmas . etc . this unicorn is guaranteed to be a fun remote-controlled toy that the kids will treat as their good buddy to bring around!

Colors: Rose . white . blue . purple . pink . new white/blue/pink

Material / Size: Brand new . high quality PP cotton / 35x30x10cm
Suitable for babies and kids of a wide range of age

Careful packagingof 01 cute walking musical unicorn

Need 4 AA batteries (not provided)

Unicorn music on/off option available

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery to your shipping address.

Real Product Demonstration Video: (turn on your volume..)

HTB1GrDKFf9TBuNjy0Fcq6zeiFXa4Take note of the “Press Here” button for remote control:

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