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  • Convenient silicone gear tie gives you enough Gear Rubber Ties to manage your desk . tool box . or any other space that needs organizing.
  • Colorful . UV Resistant . Reusable . Waterproof . holds shape and provides excellent grip.

  • A range of colors that help you stay organized with color coding.
  • A strong internal wire and soft rubber exterior design won’t scratch . mark or ding . and easily mountable to many objects.
  • The perfect organizers for home . office . yard . camping . travel and more.

  • With a soft rubber exterior that is colorful . UV resistant . reusable . waterproof and holds shape . our reusable ties are cable ties and cord organizers for home . office . boat . yard . camping . cars . or anywhere that needs organizing.
    Available in a range of colors help you stay organized with color-coding. And this Twist Rubber Tie can be configured and reconfigured hundreds of times.


Package Include:

  • 3 Pcs xSilicone Gear Ties.


  • Please Read All Description and Fitment Before Ordering the Product.


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