The Original Back Shaver – Lazy Kick

$69.95 $32.95

The Back Shaver is a pain-free Two-Headed Blade Shaver . this is a Brand new item that has been released today . don’t miss out on our massive deal andOrder Now!
This quality back shaver will get rid all of your back hair easily without asking for any ones help . the Back Shaver is very soft and easy to use . forget about waxing when using this Ultimate Back Shaver . you can use this awesome product to shave your whole body not only your back it can be used for your Chest . Arms . Legs & Back . Summer is coming up soon so get READY!

Product Features

  • Special blade design won’t hurt your skin . comfortable and safe to use.
  • With a wide and very big blade . the shaver will quickly remove your body hair.
  • S-shaped plastic handle design will allow you to shave the back hair by yourself.
  • Easily to reach all areas and remove your back hair and whole body hair.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry use.
  • Replaceable blade . the blade can be changed . easy to use.
  • Easy Foldable you can take it in your travels or store it with a small size.



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