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Perfect for Scrubbing . Absorbing & Polishing!

Wiping . absorbing and having to wring off the water then repeating the process to remove wet dirt will take too much energy and time. Give your household a better tool for wiping and drying wet surfaces with this Ultra-Absorb Magic Towel.

The Ultra-Absorb Magic Towelis designed 8 times absorbent than any other towels that you have used. It’s texture does not scratch any item and makes sure that gentle but clean wipes are done.


  • Ultra Absorbent:
    8 times more absorbent than any other towels . providing better drying ability within seconds.
  • Perfect for Kitchen & Bathroom:
    Absorbs up to 10 weight liquid . even can scrub away stubborn messes like oil or mud.
  • Multi-Purpose:
    It can be used for car and household cleaning . and it also can be used in drying after your or your bath.

  • Quick Dry:
    Dries faster and easier after cleanup than other towels . it’s perfect for drying hairs or pets!
  • Easy to Clean:
    Special layers design which is easily to clean under water.


  • Materials: PVA
  • Weight: 100g
  • Size:25cm x 25cm
  • Color: Pink . Green . Blue . Yellow


  • Set of 2 x Ultra-Absorb Magic Towel


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