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TheUltra-Clean Shoes Wet Wipeis perfect forcleaning various types of shoesto make thembecome brand new again. It canremove stubborn stain & dirton the shoe surface andrestore the brightness.

The wipe ismade of quality cleaning extractthat can penetrate into the shoe fabric. It provides adeep cleaning effectwithout damaging the surfaces. The wet wipe haswide applicationthat can clean any type of shoes like leather . canvas . nylon etc. Let’s order now!


  • Easy To Wipe:The wet wipe issmooth on any surfacethat you can wipe easilywithout leaving any residuals.

  • Remove Stains & Dirt:It canremove stubborn stains and dirtlike oil . mud . ketchup . etc.

  • Deep Cleaning:The wet wipe is made of quality cleaning extract thatprovides a deep cleaning effectto surfaceswithout any damage.

  • Portable Packaging:The wet wipe is stored in a portable bag with a lid cover toprevent the evaporation of cleaning extract.

  • Wide Application:The wipecan be applied to various types of surfaceslike leather . nylon . canvas . etc.


  • Size: 12 PCS / PACK
  • Buy more save more


  • 2x Shoes Wet Wipe


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