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Are you looking for an ultra-strong salvage magnet?

This Ultra Strong Salvage Magnet is equivalent to 10 times the volume of the other magnet. It ensures more extended longevity and strong pulling force.

This Ultra Strong Salvage Magnet is sturdy and comes with a magnetic hook that fits in anywhere.

  • Convenient to Use: This Ultra Strong Salvage Magnet is very easy to assemble with eye bolt screws directly into the steel base.
  • Great Design: It comes with a countersunk hole and eyebolt. It is very durable and robust.
  • Multi-Use: It is excellent for salvaged of various iron-containing nickel material underwater and also a good idea for lifting . hanging . retrieving applications.
  • Easy to Remove: The magnetic hooks are easy to remove . and they would be great in any small space to aid storage and easy accessibility.


  • Rope Length: 10*6 mm
  • Weight: 205g/ 298g/ 332g
  • Diameter: 31.9 /36 /41.8mm
  • Material: NdFeB Magnets and 304 Steel Plate

Package Includes:
– 1x Salvage Magnet
– 1x Rope


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