Ultraviolet Cellphone Sterilizer – Fine and Wellness

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  • QUICK CLEANING IN 6 MINUTES – UV light at wavelength 254nm is easily absorbed by organisms . thereby quickly cleaning by destroying DNA . it can kill 99.99% of all unclean things on your phone . this is a wholly physical process . no secondary pollution occurred . completely safe to use
  • STAY HEALTHY – Our phones gather all the Unclean things we touch throughout the day where they breed and grow. Our phones are Petri dishes in our pockets . the third had we never wash . stay healthy by keeping your devices clean . No pollutant or residue . safety and environmental mode
  • USB CHARGING AND INTELLIGENT DISINFECTION – UV disinfection box built-in charging port . this product can clean and charge the phone at the same time . no need to power off. This is a very simple operation . only one button . intelligent disinfection
  • MORE UNIVERSAL FUNCTIONS – Not only for the phone but also for small objects like underwear . socks . baby toys . forks . knives . watches . eyeglasses . toothbrush . jewelry . keys . Bluetooth earphones . clean your life perfectly and join the clean revolution
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL STERILIZER BOX: UV fast sterilization . suitable for sterilization of personal products such as keys . mobile phones . electronic products . toothbrushes . glasses . jewelry . face masks . remote control . makeup tools and more.
  • EFFICIENT & FAST STERILIZATION: 254nm UV Wavelength . quickly destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of microbial body cells through UV ion . and kill bacteria. UV light sterilizer can kill more than 99% of bacteria.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Easy to use . power on the sterilizer box . and press the button . and the UV ion box can eliminate these bacteria . protect your family and live a healthier life. It is a very nice gift for your family and friends.

1 * UV Germicidal Bag 1 * Manua 1* Charging cable


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