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Tired of your trimmerbeingtoo weakto cut tough weeds?

Replace your trimmer head with the Break Proof Steel TrimmerBlade thatslices through grass . branches . weeds super FAST!

Trimmer Blades are constructed from high-gradesteel alloy forultra hardness .sharpness and extra durability.

Designed with 360?? wiresteel blades forfull coveragecutting with no dead spots.Cut more effectively with less time while saving gas or electricity.


  • Effectivelyremoves moss and weeds in joints .cracks and surfaces.

  • Suitable for weeding in various places . not only can weed but also rust.The effect is very good.
  • No need to change the rope.Greatlyimprove work efficiency.Saves costs.

  • High-quality steel.Exquisite workmanshipand it is so easy to use it.

  • It issimple and convenientto connect the mower.

  • Stable and durable.High performance.Easy part to replace.

  • Sharp and efficient.Universal Multifunction.


                • Material: Steel Wire
                • Diameter: 150 mm

                Break-Proof Wired Round Edge Weed Trimmer Blade

                  PACKAGE INCLUDES

                  • 1 x Break-Proof Wired Round Edge Weed Trimmer Blade


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