Underarm Embedded Couple Pillow – Fine and Wellness

$122.95 $57.97

Revolutionary sweet couple pillow!!! Our pillow helps support the weight of your partner’s head while you are cuddling him or her from behind . keeps your arm from going numb.


HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of ice silk cover and 100% slow rebound memory foam . soft and breathable . all designed for your max comfort.

GOOD FUNCTIONS: With the pillow . the pressure can be relieved . and it can protect face gently to protect against face embossing.

ARCHED DESIGN: Raise the head and maintain the natural curvature of the cervical spine. You will feel relax when you wake up.

TOTALLY UNIQUE: Unlike any other pillow . our patented design has a curve with space underneath to place your arms. It is a perfect pillow for back . side or front (stomach) sleepers. And will help eliminate snoring.


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