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Unique Mom’s Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace

No word is needed to describe your deepest love for your mother with this unique Mom’s crystal heart pendant necklace with “mom” inscribed in your heart. All the selfless sacrifices made by her .dayand night . years over years . ensuring that you have grown up well is nothing many child can ever pay back in their lifetime.. Besides the words in heart .this beautiful necklace carries glittering shiny crystals embedded in the pendant link chain.It is for all child around the world who treasures the moment to express their gratitude for their mother especially during Mother’s Day .her birthday .etc.

Product Details:

01 uniquely beautiful Mom’s crystal heart pendant necklace.

Material / Size / Color: Zinc alloy / 2.8 x 2.7 cm / Gold .Silver

Tip: You may also consider getting a pair towear with your mother!


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