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One upgrade in your tool-kit and you’ll never have to carry so many different tools . this single tool fits everywhere! Introducing Kyxial . a Universal Socket that adapts to the shape of any screw fastener you want to screw on like a hexagonal nut . square nut . wing nut . a bolt . a hook and what not.

Kyxial is equipped with several spring-loaded pins that are pushed inside by the fastener. The head of the fastener is gripped tightly by these pins . regardless of the size. It can adapt to almost everything between 7 mm – 19 mm (1/4″ – 3/4″) . even the old and rusty ones that your other tools can’t get a grip on.

It can be attached to a torque wrench if you are doing some minimal fastening or you can connect it with a drill machine if you are up for some heavy fixing work . it can work both ways.

So . if you are a fan of DIY but don’t like carrying a lot of tools everywhere . then Kyxial is the perfect tool for you.


  • Unique Design:The design of Kyxial allows it to automatically fit any size or shape. The pins always adjust themselves providing a tight grip every time. Using this is very easy . both amateur and professionals can save their time and energy.
  • Multi-Functional:Kyxialcan be used in household repairs and upgrades . general maintenance . automobile repairs . production lines . manufacturing industry . construction sites . the possibilities are endless. A must-have for every tool-kit.
  • Versatile:The package of Kyxialcomes with an adapter that is used to attach it with drill machines. To use it with a torque wrench . there is no adapter required. The assembly and disassembly take only a few seconds.
  • Compact and Portable:Unlike traditional wrenches . Kyxial can be easily carried in a pocket. It is also very light . approximately 150 grams in weight which is less than a single wrench. It is the only wrench socket you will ever need.
  • Premium Quality:Made with professional-grade Stainless Steel and 54 individual hardened steel pins . Kyxial is very strong and sturdy. To save it from external elements . it is coated with chromium which gives it a polished chrome finish.


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