USB Heated Insoles – My Gear Pick

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Stop battling from cold toes and bring warmth to the next level with this USB Heated Insoles!

This utilizesthe safest high-tech micro-wires to bring you effective heat controls that give your feet anultimate comfort experience to beatthe coldest weather.It works effectively withuniform heat distribution. Designed with soft foot bed that will add extra comfort to your feet.

Say goodbye to cold feet and hello to warmth and comfort with thisUSB Heated Insoles!


  • KEEP YOUR FEET WARM.Heated Insole inserts are your best defense to stay warmer. Gives uniform heat distribution to optimize blood circulation in your feet and improve your body’s immunity.
  • REFINED HEATING TECHNOLOGY.The heating insole adopts advanced far-infrared carbon fiber heating element that evens the heat throughout your foot that helps you beat the coldest weather.

Foot Warming USB Insole
  • TRIM TO FIT. Can be easily trim to fit in a wide range of shoes. Perfectly fits your feet regardless of the thickness of your socks!
  • FLEXIBLE WAYS FOR POWER. The insolescome with a USB line so as toconnectwith external power sources (not included) . like a power bank . a laptop or a socket with an adapter.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. It features soft and comfortable EVA stretch material . lightweight . elastic and with good cushioning.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. You can easily clean it with brush and water . but keep the interface out of the water!

      • 1 pair x USB Heated Insoles
      • 1 pc xUSB Connector


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