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Tired of spending long hours trying to eradicate pests and spending a lot of money on ineffective chemicals?
Then this comb is what you need !
Eliminates 100% of nits . lice and fleas
In just a few passages
Simple to use
Suitable for all hair types
Zero chemicals

Its use is verysimpleandeffectivefor effortless andchemical-freepest eradication.

The pest will besucked into the unitand then they will betrapped in the transparent filter.

Get rid ofdefinitely nits . lice and fleasin anaturalway in only15 minutes!

In only 15 minutes . 100% of the parasites will be sucked up and enclosed in the disposable filter . which is inside the comb.
The filter is designed so that the parasites cannot breathe . they will die after a few hours in the filter.
Zero irritation . zero itching !
The teeth of the comb are rounded and made of stainless steel in order to be extremely soft during use.

Everyone will ask what is your miracle product !


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