Vehicle plastic restore renovator – pentacute

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Restore faded plastic trim instantly!! Renew your vehicle to former glory!! No more stain . dust . scratch anymore with this plastic restore agent !!

Oil-Free Formulated sprayer dry out waxing instantly!! Plastic restoration is long-lasting and waterproof!! Spray on leather parts . types . interior and exterior of the car!!

Prevent ageing . colour fading and sunlight uv exposure with the covered plastic layer!! Look new and flashy again!!


  • {Plastic renewal} Restore faded plastic and trim pieces instantly!! Apply it to the interior and exterior of your beloved car!! No more scratch . dust . and stain on the surface of your car
    • {Prevent ageing and UV sunlight} A plastic layer is covered on the sprayed area. This prevents uv radiation under sunlight exposure. It also prevents surface from oxidising . fading and ageing.
    • {Waterproof}The plastic layer is water-resistant. It is washable and does not easily fade out..
    • {Oil-Free} Spray and wipe it !! Oil-Free!! Dry out instantly!!
    • {Widely applicable} Use it in vans . motorcycles . cars . bicycles. Also . it can also be used in leather based accessories
    • {Safe to use} The chemical are highly safe and non-harm to human.
    How to use
    • Spray & Wipe
    Product Specifications
    • Capacity:30 mL
    • Colour: Black
    • Feature: eco-friendly

    Package included

      • 1 XVehicle plastic restore renovator


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