Versatile Adjustable Phone Holder – My Gear Pick


Small but extremely multi-functional! Use it as a phone stand or a car phone holder!

Highly versatile phone stand that can be rotate 360 providing a comfortable viewing experience. This can be dismantled easily and with compact size making it easy to store and carry. Designed with built-in magnet at the back that can be firmly attached to any metal surfaces.

Can be used as car phone holder for a safer navigation while youre on the road. Suitable for most smart phone brand and models!

Have a relaxing view and safe driving with this Versatile Adjustable Phone Holder!


  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL PHONE STAND. This can be used as a phone stand giving you a comfortable viewing experience and use it as car phone holder for safe driving.
  • 360 ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT POSITION. Experience a relaxing a comfortable view by just rotating this with any of your desired position!
  • BUILT-IN MAGNET. Constructed with built-in magnet that allows you to attach it to any metal surfaces such as fridge.

  • EXTREMELY PORTABLE. Design with compact size that makes it easy to carry and easy to store.
  • SUITABLE TO MOST SMART PHONE. Works in 4.7-5.5 in phones making it suitable to most phone brands and models. Works with mobile phone cases.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. Made form high quality plastic material making it extremely durable and long lasting.


  • Materials: Plastic . Magnet


  • 1 x Versatile Adjustable Phone Holder / 1 set of all 4 colors xVersatile Adjustable Phone Holder


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