Double Ended Lipstick – lightmaroon

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Can you eat . drink . or even kiss without your lips transferring color? How about on a rainy day . do you run for shelter or risk your lipstick washing off? It is in a keen consideration of these factors that the one-of-its-kind Double Ended Lipstick was designed.

With industry standard formulation . theDouble Ended Lipstick is unique for its stainless nature . bringing comfort and elegance to the wearer. With multiple colors of this piece of endless beauty to choose from . it is a must have for every lady.


  • Frosted Bottle:
    Has a nice texture feel and leaves no smears or stains . just a long-lasting color.

  • Waterproof:
    Matte fogging surface lip gross which gives you a perfect makeup.
  • Moisturizing:
    It moisturizes your lips and keeps them looking beautiful and healthy.
  • Double Ended:
    You can roll out from either of the two ends and apply with ease.
  • Lightweight and Portable Size:
    It is easy to carry around.


      • Ingredient:Wax . olive oil
      • Weight: 5g
      • Size: 14.6cm x 1.1cm


      • 1 x Double Ended Lipstick


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