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1. Waterproof & Splash-proof . keep tissue away from moisture.

2.With Draw-organize plastic bags . sanitary pads . etc ..

3. Phone Holder can place well phone and tablet.

4. Top Orangzier with Drainer Hole . keep top dry and clean.

5.Semi-automatic Switch . convenient for replacing tissue.

6. Different Exit for Roll Tissue and Removable Tissue.

7.Cutting Edge . specially designed for Roll Tissue Cutting.

8.Color: Black and White/ Gray and White/Pink/Blue

9.Easy to install . without drilling


Material: ABS+PS+PC (with Drawer)

Main Size: 20.8X12.5X20.5cm / 8.19X4.92X8.07inch (L*W*H) (with Drawer)

Draw Size: 16.5X12X4cm / 6.50X4.72X1.57inch (L*W*H) (No Drawer)

Rectangle Size: 22X13X14.3cm / 8.66X5.12X5.63inch (L*W*H) (No Drawer)

Square Size: 15.8X13.4X14.3cm / 6.22X5.27X5.63inch (L*W*H)

For Tissue Width: <=20cm / 7.87inch (with Drawer); <=19cm / (Rectangle No Drawer);<=13cm(Square No Drawer)

Occasion: Kitchen .Bathroom .Bedside .Toilet .etc.

Package Included: 1 x Waterproof Tissue Box


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