Sleep-in Wavy Hair Roller Set – lightmaroon


Wake up with Wavy Curly Hair Everyday!

TheSleep-in Wavy Hair Rolleris designed to curl your hair without any damage.

It does not require to be heated after the application of the rollers as you just have to roll and sleep with them.If you want instant effect . you just need to use a hair dryer!Dry it for around 5mins to get instant volumizing hairstyles!


  • Super Easy to Use:
    Justroll and seal your hair and go to sleep . wavy hair will be formed after you wake up!

  • Silicone:
    Made of high-quality and safe materials that are lab tested . odorless and non-toxic . proven safe even for children.
  • Heatless Hair Rollers:
    These rollers will not give any hair damage as there is not a need for you to apply heat to curl your hair.
  • Portable:
    It can be used at home or travel . it is very convenient to make your DIY hair styling.
  • For Everyone:
    Suitable for any length . type . and texture of hair . safe even for young girls.



  • Materials: Silicone
  • Color: Pink
  • Size:
    • Small (1.5cm X 3.4cm X 3.9cm)
    • Large (2.0cm X 4.1cm X 5.0cm)


  • 10 Pcs x Sleep-in Wavy Hair Roller Set (5 Large + 5 Small) or
  • 30 Pcs x Sleep-in Wavy Hair Roller Set (15 Large + 15 Small)


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