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Wireless Remote Colorful Fog Machine

If you need to to impress with a mysterious smoky atmosphere . don’t miss this!
Whichever party you have gone through . some smoky atmosphere always gives your audience that “wow” feeling. Armed with strong sustainable spray smoke with 3 LED RGB color choices to enhance the vision and feel further .this wireless remote colorful fog machine is your best choice for your next party! Equipped with suspension bracket . it is also very easy to install and use. Are you ready to party with it?

Product Details:

Includes 1x fog machine (black) . 1x power cable . 1x control box . 1x remote control . 1x handle . 2x mounting screws . 1x user manual . 1x box

Note: Smoke oil (not included) . need separate purchase

Suitable for many occasions such as parties (leisure . birthday . wedding . Halloween . etc.) . stage . wedding bar KTV rooms . family ball . etc.


Voltage:220V-230V/110V/120V .50-60Hz
Power: 400W
Oil capacity:0.4liters
Plug options:USPlug .EUPlug .UKPlug

Installation Instructions:

– For indooruse .inaccordancewiththeratedvoltage only.
– Removeallpackaging .openthelid for adding high-qualityoil.
– Beforepower up . it is necessarytoheatfor4-5minutes .pressanykeytousetheremotecontrol .themiddle key willpausefor1-2minutesheating the unit . wait for over20secondstocontinuetouse.
– Usehighqualitytobaccooil .regularcleaningmachines oil and keep theoilflow smooth to increasemachinelife.
– Fognozzlehasaveryhightemperature .donottouch!wheninuse .keeponemeterawayfrom any combustible material.

Please allow delivery of 2 to 4 weeks from your purchase date.


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