Woman breast & Back pushup underclothes – pentacute

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Upsize your breast & Correct your body posture at the same time !! No more hunchback anymore!! This supporting underclothes help to push up your breast and back when you wear it in long run!!!

12 magnetics are placed inside it !! It helps you to massage your body and provide heat to reduce your body fat!! It increases your metabolism and blood circulation!!

No more loose breast!! No more breast expansion!!! Wear it wherever you are !! Highly invisible!! Wear it when you work . exercise or even sleep!!!


  • {Posture correction}The belt is tightened up to give supporting force to back and chest. It pushes up your back in right position. No more hunchback or head forward anymore!! Reduce your neck & back pain!!
  • {Breast Enhancement}It helps upsize your breast by pushing up your breast in long run!! It helps to fix sagging breast and breast outer expansion!! Provide strong tension to your breast in long run!!
  • {Massage effect} 12 magnetics are installed inside it. It provides heat and vibration to your body to arrive massage effect. It can increase your blood circulation and metabolism. This indirectly helps you to lose your body fat!!
  • {Invisible} It wears inside your clothes. It is highly invisible!! You can wear it when you work . exercise or even in sleep!!
  • {Breathable and Adjustable} The rubber belt can be adjusted by yourself. It can control the tension of the belt. It is highly breathable and comfortable to use !!
How to Use
  • Wear it on and Fasten the belt

      Product Specification
      • Size: S . M . L
      • Material: Nylon
      • Colour: Black

        Package included

        • 1 xWoman breast & Back pushup underclothes


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