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Improve your woodcraft and make an accurate angle and get a nicely done joint . cleaner and neater appearance with the Wood Angle Positioner.No need to struggle to manually get that obtuse angle! With the Wood Angle Positioner simply clamped to the second piece of wood and drill . simple and very convenient!Perfect for DIY wood projects . drawers . tables . chairs and more! Make the process much quicker and easier!


Fast & Easy
It can quickly replace the size of a 6 .8 .10mm screw bit.
Easy Angle Positioner
A 15??angle of inclination can be easily obtained on the board to make the links between the boards stronger and make the furniture more beautiful.
Premium Quality
Forged from fixed aluminum blocks . the product will not rust and damage and can be used for long service.
Portable & Compact
Compact design . easy to carry . is the essential tool for home woodworking DIY!
Wide Variety of Usage
Suitable for all kinds of DIY woodworking punching.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Angle: 15 degrees
  • Positioner size: 67*38*18mm
  • Drill sizes of a set of 14 pcs: 6mm . 8mm . 10mm


  • Wood Angle Positioner


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