The Truth Social App

Truth Social App
Price: Free
Version: 1.3.8
Developer: T Media Tech LLC

Donald Trump's Truth Social app is a new, unfiltered social network. Its rules on speech and behavior are virtually non-existent, allowing users to share the truth about any topic. Since its release on February 21, the app has seen an incredibly low level of usage. Truth Social app is available for download on iOS & Android devices now.

Name: Truth Social

Developer: T Media Tech LLC

Category: Social Networking

Price: Free

Size: 17.8 MB

Version: 1.3.8

Rating: 4.5

Updated: Oct 31, 2022


Features of Truth Social App

  • Free to use

Originally known as T Media Tech, the company is now operated by Devin Nunes, who previously served as the CEO of Morning Edition. The free app is available for download for iOS devices and can be found in the App Store.

  • No web browser

While the company has acknowledged technical problems, the app is unable to onboard new users. As a result, the company's chief technology officer and head of product development resigned. The company is also battling a long waitlist.

  • No outside support

The app has faced similar problems as its rivals, Twitter and Facebook. Both platforms have been inundated with false news, doctored photos, and foreign government propaganda. Roger Stone has complained that the app censors his posts.

  • Has a similar profile page to Twitter

While the app is not officially launching until 2022, it looks very much like Twitter. Like Twitter, the app displays elements like a profile picture and bio.

  • Android & iOS Version¬†

It is similar to Facebook and Twitter and promises to respect different cultures and political ideologies on the iOS & Android platform. Unlike Twitter, the app includes an edit feature, allowing users to change any post to their liking.

  • Hacks

The new app is vulnerable to hackers, however, and there has already been one hack. Hackers are looking for vulnerable apps to exploit so that they can gain access to private information.


Pros of Truth Social App

  • Gaining notoriety

The app only works on iOS devices, however. While Gab, another far-right social site, has twice the number of users, it is banned from both the Apple and Google app stores. Nonetheless, many conservatives are lining up to get Truth Social, despite its limited availability.

  • User Friendly

First, you can follow other users, comment on their posts, and see what they're talking about. You can also see other users' profiles, and you can mute them if you'd like.

  • Secure

You can also adjust your general appearance settings and even turn on two-factor authentication.

  • Easy sharing

All these features make it easy for you to share your truths. This social media network has become a rage among youths, but it is not for everyone.

Cons of Truth Social App

  • Delay

Originally slated to launch on February 21, the Truth Social app has already been delayed. The platform has yet to launch, and tens of thousands of people have been unable to access it.

  • Still in Beta

The truth about this social network is that it is not entirely without its flaws. One is the fact that the company is still in beta. This is a concern.

  • Under SEC Scanner

The company is already under investigation by the SEC and has a market cap of $19 billion.

  • Operational

It's also unclear whether the app is actually operational or was initially launched as a fan page.

  • Copy

The company also appears to have copied the logo of a fleet telematics company, Trailar. The logo and branding resemble the latter but are very different.


Truth Social App is free to download and use via Google Play & App Store. Furthermore, it does not offer any outside support. However, that does not stop people from trying it out, and it is well worth the price.