Zedge App

Zedge App
Price: Free
Version: 7.40.3
Developer: Zedge

The Zedge app is a famous application for device customization. The purpose of this app is to give its users a wide range of wallpapers and ringtones that are of high quality and contain different styles for each feature as well. Today, the users of Zedge are procuring many benefits to give their devices an entirely new look from scratch.

One of the interesting aspects of this app is the wide range of features it renders to the consumers. These include live wallpapers, ringtones, and others. Below is the detail of the features of this app that are driving the attention of the public greatly towards it.

Name: Zedge App

Developer: Zedge

Category: Personalization

Price: Free

Size: 37.79 MB

Version: 7.40.3

Installs: 100,000,000+

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Package: net.zedge.android


Some of the amazing features of the app are:

1. Wallpaper

The application contains different inbuilt wallpapers that are enticing for the users. The wallpapers are flexible for all the screens like mobile screens and tablets. Besides, the person can auto-select the one they like to apply on their devices. This feature has made it convenient for users to beautify their home screens with the help of a spectacular series of wallpapers that are easy to apply.

2. Live wallpaper

The live wallpapers are device-friendly. It means that you can spend long hours on your phone even when the live wallpapers have launched without any fear of killing your battery. The purpose of these live wallpapers is to enhance your encounter with your devices. This is again another crucial feature of the app for its prestigious users. You can always depend on the app to polish your creativity on your phone intermittently so that you will not get bored of the same dull wallpaper every time when you will open your phone or any device.

3. Ringtones

You can select and download numerous ringtones that you like absolutely for free. Consumers are now enjoying pleasing ringtones by taking benefit of the Zedge app. Different types of ringtones have different music tones so you can choose one of your choice.

4. Alarm and Notification sounds

You can set different alarm tones and notification sounds by using the app so that it will be easy for you to get updates when you are in a hurry.

5. Stickers

The app gives an edge to the young generation as they can customize the whole app with trendy and splendid stickers as well.


Some of the amazing benefits of the app are:

  • The app enables its users to download multiple wallpapers, ringtones, and stickers for improved creativity and a lovely experience on their mobile phones.
  • Besides, these features are available on android and IOS, both of which are giving huge advantages to users worldwide.
  • These features are convenient to look for and navigate as well. The app is versatile software and has a lot in store for the users.


Some of the disadvantages of app as per the customer reviews are:

  • There are some setbacks that might bother the consumers while using Zedge. Some of the wallpapers and ringtones require payment or subscription for proper launching.
  • Another important con to highlight here is the flow of consecutive ads that can interrupt navigation and utilization of the app as well.


The app can render you a remarkable experience during utilization. Due to the existence of so many favorable and suitable options for wallpapers, ringtones, and stickers, you will have fun on the platform. However, there are some obvious cons of the app that might some of the consumers do not like. These require reconsideration and modifications also.