Dwayne 2 years ago They stole my money and didn't give me my followers do not buy , Marie 2 years ago Good company, no complaints!!! , Bonnie 2 years ago Within a minute of making the payment, I saw my views increasing. I could hardly believe how fast this was! BuyIGViews was totally worth …

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Ernest 1 year ago This is a scam website. The contact information is also fake. All of the products are fake. These are the same people with other identical or similar websites with these same products for sale just to defraud people by stealing their money and committing fraud and identifying theft amount other crimes. …

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Angelo 10 years ago i ordered the hid kits and now they don't work. i tried everything calling email and nothing. there just stealing money from people. , Darin 10 years ago Wrong order was shipped and I can't get a hold of them to exchange. I called, emailed a few times over the past …

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Gerardo 1 year ago scammmmmmmmmmmmmmm , Audra 1 year ago This site is the same as BUY-ID.COM.


Orlando 6 years ago It was really great Service and wud Defntely recommend BmyF It was really great and would Definitely recommend Buy my Fone. Probably easier than other Companies. I generally found that Buy my Fone gave better prices than the other competitors. , Dean 6 years ago Been doing back yard poultry for …

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Karen 6 months ago I ordered for about 400$ at and somehow they never sent me my order, it鈥檚 now been 3 month… to future customers do not buy from this site, I can recommend

Ralph 6 months ago I don't recommend on their service or their site cause they haven鈥檛 sent what I ordered! The only site I commend is I tried them out and it was legit


Angelina 1 year ago Used for 8 months, ICOLOR product does not work, dont waste your money, i bought from amazon and now they cant sell on amazon anymore because it turned out to be fake


Stacey 1 month ago Do not purchase from them. They are scammers. Probably any good reviews they have are fake. People have been complaining against them all across the internet. In my case, and this is similar to some other cases, I was going to order an item, so I entered in my PayPay details …

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Micheal 2 years ago A fraud company, run by a thief called "John Chalmers". The guy was sitting on my money for my order for over a week, no replies to emails or voicemails. He finally started replying after a week only to lie and say that he posted but Royal Mail lost it. He …

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Howard 3 years ago Who owns this company? I just read a very bad review about them, and I, in turn, am having a bad experience. Please advise. Teresa Farris , Isaac 3 years ago Purchased a hoverboard from Our 8 year old son used it for 1 day and it is already defective. … Read More »


Dallas 5 months ago is managed by hustlers. be careful because they stole my money!! It鈥檚 a pure scam!! Buy your stuff at places like they are legit


Harrison 3 months ago Contact me via WickR user name Tomorowland Can deliver to USAn australia and europe and others countries My partner got some pressed mdma pills in stock (Blue punisher 250mg, Purpple domino 210mg) Dutch brown crystal MDMA not mixed to like Bath salt And for Heroin my partner got H grade 3 …

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Donovan 10 months ago This company is a scam… paid 850.00 for a motor that I never received tried to get my money back and all they made were false promises. Don鈥檛 be a victim like I am. , Darren 10 months ago Payed this company 850.00 for a motor. Never received and all they … Read More »

Krystle 2 years ago Charged my card recurring payments that I did not signed up for! I purchased something on a pop up website and did not get the product but a month later, I was charged over 50 dollars for an recurring payment that I did not subscribed! I can not search their website … Read More »


Frances 9 years ago They took all the information on your credit card including the 3 digit code and after two days they call and tell you that the product is back order and will take 3 to 4 MONTHS. When asked about this the representative says that they dont need my business and that …

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Craig 1 year ago They are one of the best sales and repair staff of G Suite Software in the UK. If you need a G Suite Business Premium, package for the affordable price contact our G Suite experts. Here you can immediately get the complete secure storage of your Gmail, Hangout, G+ data with …

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Lorena 7 months ago The website is a scam. Take your money and your hear nothing. , Maranda 7 months ago Website is a scam and not legit They take your money and then you hear nothing. Chased customer services email. Notice other reviews reporting it as a scam site. Will learn next time.

Stanley 4 years ago Part of the Cash in Pills / JPT Partners affiliate network. Sites in this network advertise claimed 'cures' for conditions such as excess weight, impotence, premature ejaculation, high cholestorol, baldness, snoring etc. Unsolicited emails and other types of spam are probably sent by affiliates of the scheme. See for more … Read More »


Kory 9 months ago Advertises Herbal Potpourri Blends That Are Legal Synthetics. Claims Their Products Are Potent. THEY ARE NOT! They Use Stickers Printed To Put On Packages To Resemble The Actual Products. Nothing But A Scam, Took 3 Weeks Of Constant Emailing To Get My $67 Order of 10 Grams. When I Did Get …

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