Angry Birds 2

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Angry Birds 2: The Feathered Frenzy Continues

Angry Birds 2 brings back the beloved feathered friends in an all-new adventure filled with slingshot action and pig-popping fun. Developed by Rovio Entertainment, this sequel to the original Angry Birds game takes the addictive gameplay to new heights with improved graphics, challenging levels, and exciting new features. Get ready to join Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the rest of the flock as they embark on a mission to save their eggs from the mischievous green pigs.

In Angry Birds 2, players once again take on the role of the furious birds as they aim, launch, and strategize their way through a series of physics-based puzzles. The game retains the iconic slingshot mechanics, allowing players to fling different bird characters at various structures to topple them and defeat the pesky pigs. With colorful visuals, catchy tunes, and a plethora of levels to conquer, Angry Birds 2 promises hours of addictive gameplay for fans of all ages.

How to Play

  1. Aim and Launch:Drag your finger back on the slingshot to aim, then release to launch your bird towards the target. Pay attention to the trajectory and adjust your aim to hit structures and pigs strategically.
  2. Use Bird Abilities:Each bird has a unique ability that can be activated by tapping the screen while the bird is in mid-air. Experiment with different bird abilities to maximize damage and clear levels efficiently.
  3. Strategize and Destroy:Analyze the structure layouts and identify weak points. Aim for supporting structures or areas with multiple pigs to create chain reactions and increase your chances of clearing the level with fewer birds.
  4. Collect Stars:Earn stars by completing levels with the fewest possible birds. Aim for a three-star rating by using your slingshot skills to their fullest potential. Stars unlock new levels and additional content.
  5. Upgrade Birds and Spells:Collect feathers and resources to upgrade your birds and spells. Enhance their abilities, increase damage, and unlock new spells to tackle more challenging levels.

Game Reviews

  • JohnGamer97: “Angry Birds 2 is the perfect sequel to the original classic. The graphics are stunning, the levels are challenging, and the new features add a fresh twist to the gameplay. It’s addictive and fun, and I can’t get enough of flinging those birds!”
  • BirdLover123: “As an avid Angry Birds fan, I was thrilled with Angry Birds 2. The multi-stage levels provide a new level of challenge, and the card system adds depth to the gameplay. It’s a must-play for both new and old fans of the series.”
  • CasualGamerGirl: “I love how Angry Birds 2 combines strategy with satisfying destruction. The daily challenges keep me coming back for more, and the competitive arena adds a competitive edge. It’s a great game to relax and have fun with.”
  • PuzzlerMaster: “Angry Birds 2 is a delightful puzzle game. Figuring out the best angle and power for each shot is satisfying, and the destructible environments make each level unique. The card system adds a strategic layer that keeps me engaged.”
  • FamilyFunTime: “Angry Birds 2 is a hit with the whole family. We love taking turns and competing for the highest scores. It’s a great game to bond over and enjoy together, withplenty of levels and challenges to keep everyone entertained.”

Similar Games

Crush the Castle– In Crush the Castle, players are tasked with demolishing enemy castles using a trebuchet and a variety of projectiles. With its physics-based gameplay and castle destruction mechanics, it offers a similar slingshot-style experience to Angry Birds 2.

Cut the Rope?- Cut the Rope challenges players to feed a lovable creature named Om Nom by strategically cutting ropes and manipulating objects to deliver candy to him. With its puzzle-solving mechanics and adorable character, it shares similarities with the strategic gameplay of Angry Birds 2.

Bad Piggies?- Developed by Rovio Entertainment, the same creators of Angry Birds, Bad Piggies puts players in control of the mischievous green pigs. Players must construct vehicles and navigate through challenging levels to steal the birds’ eggs. It offers a unique twist on the Angry Birds universe while maintaining the physics-based gameplay.


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Angry Birds 2 successfully builds upon the foundations of its predecessor, offering an engaging and visually appealing gaming experience. With its improved graphics, multi-stage levels, and a variety of bird characters, the game provides a fresh take on the beloved Angry Birds franchise. The addition of team play, daily challenges, and spells adds depth and replayability, ensuring that players remain entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re a fan of the original Angry Birds or new to the franchise, Angry Birds 2 is a must-play game that guarantees hours of slingshot fun and strategic gameplay.