Best voicemail apps for iPhone (Updated 2022)

Even today, leaving voicemails for the people you care about is a wonderful method to develop and sustain relationships. Voice messaging may reassure your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and clients that even though they may be out of sight, they are not forgotten about. Several of the numerous apps on the App Store can give your iPhone voicemail cutting-edge functionality.

With the help of these voicemail iPhone apps, users can record personalized voicemail messages for their contacts as well as transcribe voicemails that arrive in their mailbox and send them to you just like emails.

1. YouMail

YouMail is a visually appealing voicemail app for iPhone and Android that enables you to listen to your voicemails. Viewing the transcription is possible on a computer, tablet, or phone while exploring transcripts in the sequence of your choice. Additionally, YouMail offers the option to convert voicemails into text and email messages.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, YouMail provides a surprisingly wide range of add-on capabilities, such as conference calling, voicemail greeting customization, and robocall blocking.

YouMail can be downloaded for free, however some functions demand a premium subscription.

2. Google Voice

An excellent voicemail app is Google Voice. You can use it to make low-cost international calls and send free SMS messages to US mobile phones. You can get your voicemail transcribed. It’s only accessible right now in the US.

3. HulloMail

Another fantastic visual voicemail app is HulloMail, which is accessible to iPhone and Android users. You can use it to listen to the voicemails in your voicemail mailbox, listen to the transcriptions, and then choose how to respond. You can email copies of the transcriptions to other people if you’d like.

You might want to upgrade to a paid subscription plan if you want unlimited cloud storage for your transcriptions or the capacity to search through transcripts to discover a certain message.

iOS Version: Download Now

Android Version: Download Now

4. InstaVoice

A voicemail app with excellent functionality is InstaVoice. It provides voice SMS, visual voicemails, and missed call alerts to make it simple for you to stay in touch with people even when your iPhone is turned off or out of service. Even better, you can send texts or messages to others even if they don’t have InstaVoice set up on their device.

This tool allows you to receive missed calls and voicemails via email. Give your callers a wonderful experience when they call. Additionally, you can take back the voicemail that was sent.

Download from official website here.

To sum up

These voicemail applications are useful. You must have been astounded by them as well. Does this list include any of your favorite apps? Please share that with us in the comments section.